Where is street foods on Khao San street? What happened to Khao San?

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Hello, everyone.
It’s me who felt that something has changed in Bangkok, PQTom.
This time, It is five times for me to come to Bangkok.
I felt for the first time that something changed here.
I felt….no. It has really changed. 
Everytime I come here, I was like I come back here again but today, I was like Ummm, weird. 
Actually, I arrived at Suvarnabhumi International Airport everytime before, however, arriving at Don Mueang International Airport at the time. 
This was one of the reasons why I felt that here is different from before. 
While I was going to the Hotel from the Airport, I had something in my mind. 
What was that?
There were somethings really changed from before so I will see that one by one. 
“Khao San version”


Khao San

This place I thought that the most different compared to before was Khao San street. 
What changed?

Street Shop

It is the most shocking. 

Hah? Where are the shops? 
This pic shows Khao San street I shotted in August. 
There are many shops and many people on the road in 2017.

Like this. 
The number of people and the ambiance are totally different. 
…So sad…

These pictures are shotted on March.
It was rainy so we can see many parasols. It looks so nice. 
Let’s look at all the pictures I took in this travel. 


What happened?
Something definitely happened!!
The massage shop I went to last time had many chairs outside but …..no one was in outside…
Staffs basically came to outside to get a customer especially a massage shop but I probably didn’t see staffs like that. 
My image was that there are many people and bustling.
It is hard to change the impression and sad. 
However, it was nice to see the shops hidden in the stalls so far. 


I’ve been to the restaurant.

Pad thai.
I’m pretty sorry I had a bite before taking a picture….lol
The amount of the dish is impeccable. So delicious. 

The appearance of the restaurant is like this. 
It is located around the center of Khao San Street. 
The name is “Buddy Beer“. 
You can see a signboard on the main street so it is easy to find it. 


I have reported current Khao San Street. 
People living in Bangkok but has not been to Khao San street for a while, why don’t you go unusual Khao San street?
Khao San 2018 Summer Report. 

See you again~