How do we learn Japanese? What we do when we are a child to learn Japanese.

2018年7月5日Japan, Japanese, Language

    Hello, everyone. It’s me who thought that it’s very difficult to learn Japanese for foreigners because even Japanese cannot understand some Japanese.
    When I studied English in Canada, my host family told me that Japanese is very difficult because it has 3 alphabets. Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.
    I had never thought something like this before because I am Japanese. LOL
    But yes. I think so. Japanese is pretty difficult compare to English.
    Why Japanese is difficult?….I don’t know. I’ve never thought that.
    If I have time, I am going to write about that.
    Today, I will write about how Japanese learn Japanese.

    Why I write about this

    Why I write about this.
    When I was in Canada, I did not know what I should do to learn English.
    Somebody might think that I just need to speak a lot…….yes. True but for young guy having only super poor English, it is super difficult to do because he didn’t even know the meaning of “maybe”.
    I realized there is one thing I can do that is the thing children in Canada can do.
    I thought if children can do, adults can do so I start to do it.

    How Japanese children learn


    I think this is the best way to learn.
    Anime is now very famous around the world.
    In Japan, we can watch some anime every day. 
    We often imitate action of anime characters in elementary school.…………not only in elementary school.
    Imitating is very good to be a good speaker.


    Do you know this?
    Kaki means writing. Tori means getting. …..I think. Kanji of Kakitori means like that.
    It’s very simple way.
    just writing a lot.

    Like this.
    Any words are fine. 
    Just writing.
    When I was a elementary student, I wrote 200 words every day as a homework. 
    Very simple but very effective to remember.
    The important point is everyday. Do it everyday. 


    Today, I talked how Japanese learn Japanese.
    Of course, we do more and more but I wrote too much this time.
    If I have time,  I’m gonna write more about this.
    If you wanna know more, tell me. I might write soon….haha.
    see you soon

    bye bye.