Why don’t Japanese people have a car in Tokyo? You don’t need to borrow a car in Tokyo.

2018年7月6日car, Japan

Hello everyone. It’s me who wanna have a car in Japan, PQTom.
A car makes us very comfortable and give us good life.
If you have a car, you can go anywhere you want.
The reason why I recently want to have a car is that I am bored on every weekend.
Basically, I want to go to somewhere …………but I cannot because I have too much homework now.
You may think I am not bored for homework…….oh………
Anyway, I want to have a car, however, a car is not necessary in my usual life.
Not only me but also other Japanese who live around Tokyo think we do not need it if just spend normal life.
Today’s topic is why I think we do not need a car in Tokyo.


Owning a car rate

Averagely, each family has more than 1 car in Japan except in big cities. ( Tokyo, Osaka, Kanagawa, Kyoto, Hyogo, Chiba, Saitama )
These cities that have low owning a car rate are pretty big in Japan.
Maybe, you guys know the names of these cities.
Why big cities ?

Why people do not have a car in big cities?

Transportation system

In big cities, transportation system is very good.
Train, taxi, bus etc.
Especially, a train.

Waiting time

Some we can get a train soon I mean a lot of train is running.
Each 3 or 5 minutes, a train is coming in some train line so you don’t wait for a long time for a train.

Numbers of train line

In Tokyo, there are 62 train lines now…..unbelievable!!!!!!
I can take a train anywhere.
I can find a station during walking for 2 ~ 3 minutes. Sooooooo good.

Parking lot

Of course, Parking lot is necessary when having a car.
Tokyo is small city in fact ( I mean “size of Tokyo”. ) so price of parking inevitably becomes high…….
That means when just going somewhere near, Taking a train is very cheaper.


Today, I talked about why almost all of people don’t have a car in Tokyo.
Actually, not only in Tokyo but also in other big cities.
If you have time to come to Japan, let’s try to take a train before borrow a car.
You can enjoy real Japanese life LOL

That’s it today. See you next time.

bye bye.